“ProKG” Professionals’ Club was formed in April 2009 by the initiative group of young professionals: Taalai Nasirdinov, Adilet Dadybaev, Azamat Ibraimov, Azhara Beyshembaeva, Chyngyz Zhamankulov, Ruslan Karabukaev, and Cholponbek Zhumashukurov. Initially, the Club functioned as an informal platform for the exchange of contacts, acquaintanceships, and exchange of experiences between professionals – citizens of our country who are working or studying in different parts of the world, or in Kyrgyzstan. In the beginning, members of the Club, despite the long distance and time differences, communicated with each other through Internet, carried out the first trainings and presentations on career development for students of Kyrgyzstan through Skype conferences, and thus laid the first foundations of the “ProKG” Professionals’  Club.

The club eventually began to gain more and more new members to its ranks, who are willing to share their ideas and international experience with young people – the younger generation in Kyrgyzstan. Linked in, a network of sharing and establishing business contacts, became that platform where members of the Club promote their first initiatives and discussed issues of further development of the organization. The initiative for the establishment of the Club from the very beginning of its history was based on the conceptual idea of creating a kind of platform for professionals of Kyrgyzstan, who are on their own personal examples of achievements and success at the international level will directly share their experiences and motivate young people.  So, “My School” – the first project of the organization was launched in 2010. In the background of the events that shook the country in 2010, members of the Club several times discussed with each other the future of Kyrgyzstan and the changes that will affect every citizen. Despite the fact that at that time such conversations were held at every home and most of them, as a rule, only remain as a part of history, the discussions and exchanges of ideas between members of the Club developed into something bigger, more tangible and real action, because it was a turning point for them when they realized that anyone can criticize anybody, anytime, but not everyone can implement their initiatives. As a result, they came to the idea of the need to start from the small – their schools.

Discussing how they became professionals, those who are now, have concluded that each of them met a person once in their lives, whom they admired and wanted to emulate. There was a model for a better life, a better education, and a successful career. Members of the club are hoping that in the near future they will become an example for young and ambitious people. This is the essence of the project. Successful people visit schools in the regions and present in front of the students to give them the right direction – the adjustment to hard work, perseverance, the development of personal qualities, and the disclosure of potential. It is obvious that the younger generation needs these meetings. Today, ProKG brings together high-class specialists with international experience in areas such as business, investment, banking, medicine, public sector, international economics, audit, IT and telecommunications. We are implementing three projects, into the contents of which we put our soul, backbreaking contribution, love and hope that the activities of the Professionals` Club will be qualitatively and quantitatively grow every day. 

Thus, ProKG is an organization:

– About Kyrgyzstan;

– About the people;

– About the history of rises and falls;

– And Professionals;