Leadership Program

The ProKG Professional Club is pleased to announce the start of a program among young people from 19 to 24 years old to participate in the educational project "The ProKG Leadership Program".


The ProKG Leadership Program is an educational project that invests in the human potential and the young generation of our country, which will build a Knowledge Economy, a country where the driving forces of growth and prosperity are not natural resources, but the intellectual potential of educated and qualified specialists capable of deepening scientific and technological breakthroughs, creating an innovative environment in our country.

For the first time the Program was successfully launched in 2015 and today more than 150 young leaders of the country have become its graduates.

The purpose of this annual project is to strengthen the potential of ambitious young people with leadership qualities and create a favorable environment for meeting and networking with highly qualified professionals.  This way the project participants, following their example, become competent specialists in demand on the international labor market and thus improve the human development indicators of Kyrgyzstan.


The ProKG 2023 Leadership Program consists of the following elements:

Intensive training on personal and professional growth at the beginning of the program- "The beginning of the journey", 3 days outside Bishkek. As a result, all participants will be divided into small groups to work on a group project. You can watch videos from past training at this link.

A number of unique trainings and sessions designed exclusively for the Leadership Program

It is important to note that during participation in the project, all participants of the Leadership Program need to work on collaborative projects in small groups, which implies a certain amount of time that needs to be devoted.

The Program also includes mentoring and guest meetings, which take place throughout the project. The detailed program and details of mentoring and guest meetings are coordinated and published further after the program starts.

Each stage of the ProKG Leadership Program is designed and will be implemented by professionals with an experience in international organizations and education abroad. Participants of the Leadership Program will learn first-hand about the most important principles and skills that help them make a stunning career in any field, launch their successful startup or become flourishing in their personal and professional lives. Experienced specialists act as mentors and advise participants on issues of professional and personal development through a mentoring programs.

Alumni reviews of the Leadership Program can be viewed at this link.


  • Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic from 19 to 24 years old;
  • Leadership potential;
  • The desire to develop and discover new opportunities;
  • Great desire to learn from ProKG professionals and Program participants;
  • Striving to become a part of the ProKG alumni community and share your knowledge and experience;
  • The desire to contribute to the development of Kyrgyzstan;

    — To participate in the competition, you need to fill out an APPLICATION at the link: 
    APPLICATION no later than March 5, 2023, 23:59;

— The questionnaire can be filled in Kyrgyz, Russian or English;

— Only successful candidates who have passed the first round of the competition will be invited to an interview with the selection committee of the ProKG Leadership Program;


Acceptance of applications: until March 5, 2023;

Reading of applications: March 8 - March 22, 2023;

Interviews for the second round: March 27 – 31, 2023;

Announcement of results: April 5, 2023;

Main session: preliminary April 14-16, 2023;

Graduation: December 2023.

attention: Due to the large volume of work and a large number of applications, the ProKG Professional Club does NOT provide additional information and help by phone. We also ask you NOT to write to the Club's corporate emails with a request to find out your status in the competition.


The main working language of the ProKG Leadership Program is Russian, but there will also be sessions in Kyrgyz and English.


All selected participants must pay 1000 SOM to partially cover the transportation costs associated with participation in the first training stage of the program, which will take place outside Bishkek. All other expenses related to accommodation, meals, resources, and additional materials will be covered by the ProKG Professional Club.

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