Leadership program
ProKG Professional’s Club is pleased to announce the start of the contest among young people between the ages of 19 and 23 to participate in the mega-educational project “ProKG Leadership Program”.
ProKG Leadership Program is an educational project that invests in human potential, and the young and rising generation of our country, which will build a Knowledge Economy, the country, where the driving forces of growth and prosperity are not natural resources, but intellectual potential of educated and competent professionals, who are able to deepen the scientific and technological breakthrough, creating an innovative environment in our country.
The program was successfully launched for the first time in 2015. The purpose of this annual project is to strengthen the capacity of 20 ambitious young people with leadership qualities and create a favorable environment for acquaintance and networking with highly qualified professionals.  So that participants of the project, following example of these professionals, will become competent professionals in demand in the international labor market and thus will improve development indicators of human potential in Kyrgyzstan.

ProKG Leadership Program consists of 3 parts, where, by tradition, attention will be paid to issues of health and sports:Intensive training for personal and professional growth;
Guest meetings with professionals of various fields: business, art-industry, sports and public service.
Each designed stage of ProKG Leadership Program will be implemented by professionals with international experience and a high quality education. Participants of the Leadership Program will learn first-hand about the most important principles and skills that will help them to make a brilliant career in any field, run a successful start-up or become successful in their personal and professional lives. Experienced specialists will act as mentors and advise participants on the professional and personal development.

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic between the ages of 19 and 23;
Leadership experience;
Strong desire to learn, discover new opportunities and develop;
Strong desire to become a part of the network of ProKG graduates and share knowledge and experience;
Openness to new ideas and opportunities.

– To participate in the contest, please fill in the application form by the link: QUESTIONNAIRE not later than March 1, 2018, 5 pm;
– You can fill in the application form in Kyrgyz or Russian languages;
– Only successful candidates who pass the first round of the contest will be invited to an interview with the selection committee of the ProKG Leadership Program;

Application deadline: before March 1, 2018;
Interviews (second round): March 15, 2018 — March 22, 2018;
Results announcement: April 2-3, 2018;
Training: tentatively in the middle of May, 2018.

ATTENTION: Due to the large amount of work and the large number of applications, the ProKG Professionals’ Club does NOT provide additional information and help on the phones. Please, do not write to corporate emails of the Club with a request to find out your status in the contest.

The main working language of the ProKG Leadership Program is Russian. Some guest meetings (Stage III) can be held in Kyrgyz and English.

All selected participants should pay 500 KGS to partially cover transportation costs related to participation in the first training stage of the program, which will take place outside of Bishkek. All other expenses related to accommodation, food, resources and additional materials will be covered by ProKG Professionals’ Club.
Participants from the regions pay transportation expenses to Bishkek on their own.

At the first stage of the Leadership Program, participants will have intensive training consisting of three modules:
Fundamentals: principles
Goals and goal setting
The training is scheduled for May 2018 and will last for four days. It will be an offsite training with an overnight stay. Participants will devote all four days to this training.
The second component of the Leadership Program consists of a mentoring program with professionals – members of the ProKG Professionals’ Club. The duration and details of mentorship are coordinated with the members of the Club and will be published later.

Guest conversations: at the third stage, participants will meet with invited lecturers and guest speakers. This stage of the program is designed to consolidate the information received and create a network of graduates of the ProKG Leadership Program. Informal meetings will begin in June and will last until December 2018. One informal meeting will be held once a month. In total, the last stage involves six meetings in six months in summer time. The duration of one meeting is 2 hours. Mentorship program is the series of meetings between mentors and mentees aimed at improvement of academic performance, the choice of a career path and personal growth of the mentees.

In March 2014, the Professionals’ Club launched a mentorship program focused on students in Bishkek. Five students were selected on the basis of the competition, each of whom have met with his/her mentor during 2 months. Mentor, a member of the Professionals’ Club, helped his/her mentee to improve his/her capacity and enhance personal growth based on his/her own recommendations and advices.

In 2015, the mentorship program has been integrated with the “School of Leadership”, participants of which will be young leaders of ages from 19 to 24 living in Bishkek. Mentorship program is the second phase of this project, within the framework of which 15 young leaders will have a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with true professionals and gain valuable knowledge and experience from the “first-hand”.
More information about this program will be published on this page after the launch and conduct of the “School of Leadership”.