The project “My School” – is one of the first projects of the Club, the basic idea of which is to motivate senior students in secondary schools by personal example.

This project covers precisely those schools, where members of our club studied once, who now want to tell high school students, who are studying in their schools, about their achievements, success, career achievements, and international experience. “My school” is being successfully implemented since 2010, and now the Club covers 38 schools in the following regions of Kyrgyzstan: Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken, Talas, and Chui.

In the first phase of the project, members of the Club – successful and prosperous specialists – make study visits to these schools in the regions in the fall of each year and speak to students to give them the right direction, such as hard work, goal setting, perseverance, the development of personal qualities and disclosure of potential. During these visits, members of the Club talk about the scholarship competition among the students of the 11th grade, the essence of which is to award cash prizes to the most successful students, who got the highest scores based on the results of the NST (the National Scholarship Test) in their school.

Cash prizes are also awarded to the teachers or the class teachers of this school. In the second phase of the project, members of the Club visit schools in May or June of each year after the announcement of the results of the NST and award the top three students of 11th grade, who received the highest scores in the NST in their school. In this regard, “My school” is a scholarship-educational project, the concept of which is based on the development of education and increase of motivation of schoolchildren for learning through the examples of personal achievements and successes of members of the Club.

The list of secondary schools participating in the project “My School” and members of the Club, who oversee project in these schools:

Batken region:

1) Secondary school No. 17 named after A.Masaliev, Kadamzhai;

School’s supervisor — Stepan Filshin

2) Kadamzhay Lyceum, Kadamzhay;

School’s supervisor  — Kairatbek Murzakimov

3) School "Ak-Terek", R. Leilek

School’s supervisor - Azamat Ismailov

Jalal-Abad region

4) Secondary school No. 37 named after A.Mambetaipov, S.Kashkaterek;

School’s supervisor - Nargiza Kalmamatova

5) School No. 38 named after Sulaiman Aitieva, Aksa District, Kyzyl-Tuu village;

School’s supervisor - Aidana Omurbayeva

6) Secondary school No. 5 named after M.Toromamatov, S.Yntymak

School’s supervisor - Zhanara Ibragimova

7) Secondary school No. 2 named after A. Abdraimov, S. Kazarman

School’s supervisor - Mels Erkinbek

Issyk-Kul region

8) School No. 10 named after Manasa, Balykchy;

School’s supervisor - Elzat Mamutalieva

9) I.A.Abdurazakov Secondary School (named after S. Kirov), Cholpon-Ata;

School’s supervisor - Cholponbek Zhumashukurov

10) Secondary School named after K. Eshimbekov, S. Tegizchil;

School’s supervisor - Cholponbek Zhumashukurov

11) School-gymnasium No. 11, Karakol;

School’s supervisor - Eldar Abakirov

12) Secondary School Maman, S. Maman;

School’s supervisor -Ulukman Karabukaev

13) School named after K.Tynystanov, S.Chyrpykty;

School’s supervisor - Tendik Tynystanov

14) School named after Seit Kulmatov, S. Zhany - Aryk;

School’s supervisor -Azamat Ismailov

15) V.Kaikin Secondary School, S. Tup;

School’s supervisor - Zhenish Omurzak uulu

16) School named after Zhumabek Baktiyar, S. Kichi-Oruktu;

School’s supervisor -  Kudoyar Beishe uulu

17) School named after Sh.Sultanov, s. Oi-Tal

School’s supervisor -Kudoyar Beishe uulu

18) School named after Z.Mambetseitov, S. Balbai;

School’s supervisor - Zhyldyz Galieva

19) R. Zhangaziev Secondary School, “S. Kara-Koo”

School’s supervisor - Dastan Omuraliev

20) Lyceum named after Toktogul Satylganov, Karakol

School’s supervisors - Nazim Turdumambetov; Elnura Kazakbayeva

21) Gymnasium No. 3 named after Nekrasov, Karakol sh.

School’s supervisor -Nazim Turdumambetov, Elnura Kazakbayeva

Naryn region

22) N. Zhundubayev Secondary School, S. Kochkor ;

School’s supervisor - Taalai Nasirdinov

23) School named after Ables uulu Alaidar, S. Ormon Khan;

School’s supervisor - Bakai Zhunushov

24) School named after Usubaliev, S. Zhalgyz-Terek;

School’s supervisor - Sagyndyk Usubaliev

25) Secondary School named after Boogachy, with Ak Muz;

School’s supervisor - Daniyar Murzabaev;

Osh region

26) School No. 50 named after Nyshanov, Osh;

School’s supervisor -Almanbet Abylkasym uulu

27) The Author's school named after O. Saidilkanov, S. Kara-Kuldzha;

School’s supervisor - Zhodar Saidilkanov;

Talas region

28) School named after Sh. Sherkulov, S. Kokokoy;

School’s supervisor - Bakytzhan Amanov

29) Secondary School named after A. Nurzhanov, S. Zhol- Aryk;

School’s supervisor- Bakytzhan Amanov

30) Secondary 

School named after Torokul Aitmatov, Sheker;

School’s supervisor-Ruslan Ashymov

Chui region

31) Secondary school No. 12, Tokmok;

School’s supervisor -Zafarbek Sulaimanov

32) Chui Gymnasium school for gifted children, Tash-Dobo village;

School’s supervisor - Emil Umetaliev

33) Secondary School named after B. Beishenaliev, S. Vorontsovka;

School’s supervisor -Marat Sagyndykov

34) Secondary school No. 2 named after A. Tursunaliev, S. Ivanovka, Chui

School’s supervisor -Seitek Chalbayev

35) Secondary school named after K. Shakirov, S. Son-Tash

School’s supervisor -Eldar Abakirov

36) Secondary school “Kalcha”, S. Don Aryk

School’s supervisor - Eldar Abakirov

37) School named after Dinara Mamasheva, S. Mouth-Front

School’s supervisor - Eldar Abakirov

38) School named after Omuraly Isaev, S. Kegeti, chui

School’s supervisor - Eldar Abakirov