We are glad to inform you that NomadBooks has been rebranded under the supervision of the ProKG Professionals’ Club.

ProBooks is a modern library of business literature, which makes it possible to read expensive literature for a small price. 

Our goal is to help readers develop and gain knowledge from the best books available to them. 

There are three types of subscriptions: 

❖ Three-monthly subscription- 450 som (150 som a month) 

❖ Six-monthly subscription-800 som (100 som discount) 

❖ Twelve-monthly subscription-1500 som (300 som discount) 

You can also donate your books to our library. We are sure that everyone has valuable books that have inspired them, and now can inspire our younger generation. We sign the name of the owner of each book that has been donated. Thus, those who will take your books will know who to be grateful!

Our address: 

Office #201, Isanova st. #79, Business Center #79
You can look through our books on our website

Our Instagram:

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