The project aims at youth’s development through mothers and teachers 

The “Eneler-Maria” project is one of the “ProKG” Club of Professionals and GrowthHungry’s long-term projects, which aims at the development of one of the main segments in society, mothers and teachers. It has a great and strong impact on youth and the younger generation.

Within the framework of the project, participants develop in a variety of fields, such as psychology (raising children, increasing self-confidence, revealing talents, and destroying stereotypes); critical and analytical thinking; financial literacy (how to manage the family budget, how to see opportunities and start your own business, women's leadership), the importance of quality education.

In order to create conditions for youth to develop,  participants acquire the necessary skills and motivation for systematical growth and an open mindset. Mentors and speakers of the project are professionals with an international background.  

Selection requirements: 

❖ Mothers, who have children under the age of 18 

❖ Women teachers, who teach students under the age of 18 

❖ An enormous desire to learn, discover new opportunities, and develop;

❖ Goal-oriented and proactive

❖ The desire to share their knowledge and experience with children

❖ Openness to new ideas and opportunities

By filling out this form, provided that you meet the main selection criteria you will get the opportunity to participate in the first round.

After successfully filling out the form, you will receive an email with detailed instructions about the first round.

Project’s selection rounds: 

In the first round, March 23- May 25, speakers and mentors provide participants with a row of informative videos; the videos containing tasks are on GrowthHungry’s YouTube channel.

To pass the first round participants must fill out the form and complete the tasks from the videos before the 25th of May, 2022. Furthermore, regular online sessions with various speakers and mentors will be held within the framework of the project during the first round. 

In the second round, June 20-26, the participants will go to Issyk-Kul for a six-day camp. The camp will have interactive sessions and trainings from speakers with international experience, group work on improving skills, mastering useful habits, and much more.

In the third round, July-August, participants will undergo a group program on leadership development. The participants will also be divided into groups where they will implement projects with their mentors.

The cost of participation in the program:

Participation in the first and second stages is completely free.

Participation in the camp is free. The organizers cover the expenses of the Camp related to accommodation, transportation, and meals. 

Project's timeframe:

March 23- May 25: First round ( Recorded sessions on GrowthHungry’s YouTube channel)

June 26-30: Camp on Issyk-Kul

July-August: Group work with a mentor



UNTIL MAY 25, 2022

For all questions, you can contact us by e-mail shabd@gmail.com