The mission of the ProKG Professionals` Club is to create a platform that unites professionals who inspire and guide young leaders. Our activities are focused on the development of the educational and professional capacity, as well as the personal growth of young people. The long-term objectives of the Club until 2019 are:

-The annual increase of membership to 15 people;

-Strengthening of the personal and professional potential of 15 young leaders annually;

-Increasing of the number of schools covered by the project “My school”; The above information reflects the main points of the Strategy of the Club, adopted in September 2014 at the General meeting of the members of the Club. The organization has set the task to reach not quantitative indicators, but qualitative achievements and multiplier effect, under which all efforts and resources in the long term will be expressed in the change of generations of new leaders – a new stream of professionals who will lead the ProKG Club. In this regard, the Club has set feasible, local and real tasks that match the limited resources and opportunities available at the Professionals` Club. In any case, we spend a lot of time and effort for the institutional development of our organization and scale of its activities. We will be very happy if there are people or organizations that will express an interest in working with us and want to unite common efforts to achieve our mission and goals.