Sharing experience. Inspiring young people. Directing future leaders

Network of professionals Kyrgyzstan

Who are we?
Mission of ProKG is to create a platform that unites professionals who inspire and guide future leaders. Our activities are focused on the development of the educational and professional capacity, as well as the personal growth of young people. At the same time, the Club is strictly apolitical and does not pursue political goals.
Sharing experience
ProKG is the place where professionals share their experience and knowledge with the younger generation.
Inspiring young people
Members of the ProKG inspire youth by the example of their success and achievements.
Directing future leaders
We consolidate the professional capacity and leadership skills of young people.
Our projects







The “My School” project is one of the first project of the Club and the main ideas is to motivate high school students in secondary schools by personal example.

Leadership Program

Founders of the ProKG Professionals' Club
Adilet Dadybaev
Adilet Dadybaev
Azhara Beishembaeva
Azhara Beishembaeva
Azamat Ibraimov
Azamat Ibraimov
Nazira Beishenalieva
Nazira Beishenalieva
Ruslan Karabukayev
Ruslan Karabukayev
Taalai Nasirdinov
Taalai Nasirdinov
Cholponbek Zhumashukurov
Cholponbek Zhumashukurov
What makes us different and what are our advantages?
ProKG Professionals' Club has unique features that make it stand out among many other organizations.
All first-hand
All projects and activities of the Club are carried out exclusively by members of the ProKG Professionals’ Club, who have extensive "baggage" of knowledge and rich experience. The club does not involve trainers or experts, as members of the organization possess a wide range of specializations that allow implementing actions on their own.
Activities of ProKG Professionals’ Club are entirely based on self-financing. The founders and members of the Club support projects of the Club on their own and, therefore, the organization’s budget is replenished at the expense of personal funds allocated by members of the Club. The Club does not attract grants or donor funds to implement its activities.
Commitment to society is done without any expectations in return. Despite the presence of their core operations, or other activities, members of the Club devote their time, resources and energy at no charge .
Клуб профессионалов не позиционирует себя как элитную или исключительную организацию. Мы готовы работать со всеми и открыты ко всем, кто разделяет наши ценности и миссию.
Case of success
Each member has a unique story of success and dizzying achievements. The Club often tells and shares these stories with the young growing generation, which as air need success stories from the lives of our compatriots. It’s not simply the stories; it is the modern history of our country - Kyrgyzstan, which is able to destroy the myths that it is impossible to achieve something in Kyrgyzstan on their own.
Today, members of the Clubare Kyrgyz citizens living in Singapore, the USA, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, and different parts of the globe. Despite the big distance and the time difference, the foreign members of the Professionals’ Club always find opportunities to get involved in the activities of the organization and make an invaluable contribution to its development.
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